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About Mission DIY

My name is Ruth LovettSmith. I’m a writer, artist and designer with a passion for all things DIY. I love to work with my hands, make things, read, learn new things and problem solve.

I grew up in a small town in Maine and now live in a small town in Massachusetts.

I’ve lived in snowy New England my entire life and just learned to downhill ski at age 36. (Love it!)

I’m a mom to two crazy strawberry blond boys born seventeen months apart……………


and two even crazier Wheaten Terriers (Maggie and Finley).

Maggie Finley

I met my husband at 18, fell in love and we’ve been married ever since.

I have a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and have been fortunate enough to have tried out numerous professions starting at a young age.

  • Age 11 – Pea picker at a farm in Maine. I was fired after a week because I was horrible at picking peas.
  • Age 16 – Sandwich maker at a national sandwich chain where I learned to count how many slices of cheese go on a small, medium and large sub.
  • Age 17 – Shelf stocker and bulk dry goods divider at a natural foods store during my brief stint as a vegetarian.
  • Age 18 – Third shift worker at a factory that makes laminate for bowling alley floors.
  • Age 20 – Customer Service Rep for a college financial aid office.
  • Age 21 – Receptionist at an Economics Consulting Firm.
  • Age 23 – Graphic Designer for a Marketing and Communications Firm in Boston.
  • Age 25 – Preschool Teacher.
  • Age 26 – Enter motherhood.

Now I spend my days writing, designing, creating, sometimes gardening, hiking with the dogs, shuttling the boys around……..and I love it.

Mission DIY was born out of my love for learning, problem solving, creating and sharing. Here I write about home and garden projects, food, travel, fashion, beauty and whatever else strikes me at any given moment.

I love what I do and know how very lucky I am to be able to do it.

AND I’m so very grateful to you – my readers. I hope you find my posts entertaining and useful.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


PS You can also find me at Best Allergy Sites – a site I founded after discovering my son had a life threatening food allergy. Or check out my art and design work at LovettSmith Design.

Have a question or want to chat? Send me an email by visiting my Contact page.


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